Personal insurance to protect your financial goals

Working with a financial security advisor is a sure bet to bring your projects to fruition without constantly worrying about potential financial setbacks. One can have many financial objectives over the course of their life, and there are many advantageous options available.

Personal insurance offers important benefits that can help you save, namely on mortgage insurance. Is your mortgage insured with your lender? Did you know that there can be up to a 40% cost difference between that insurance and personal insurance? By choosing personal insurance, you can effortlessly save tens of dollars.

Beyond protecting your mortgage payments in the event of illness and achieving set financial goals, personal insurance is an effective way to ensure your financial security. There are indeed many benefits: because your protection is completely independent from your lender, renewal or changing lenders won’t affect its cost. The amount attributed to your life insurance can be locked-in and no verification of pre-existing health conditions is required when you make a claim.

For more information on this product, please contact Patrice Brunet, our mortgage insurance specialist and financial security advisor, at (514) 456-7244 in order to find out how you can save and take advantage of all of these benefits.

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